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After many years...

Aug. 4th, 2010 | 11:30 pm



I will be blogging only there from now onwards, and thankyou for visiting my livejournal all these while.
Please relink me if necessary and hehe, i bet this is an even easier domain name for you to remember!

Have fun navigating at the new blog and watch that space.. more things will be coming up soon!

P.S: I have just updated with a new post there, so check it out!

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Aug. 1st, 2010 | 09:24 pm


Anyone has tips to share with me on where should I go?
Hehe, can't wait to explore the four huge night markets and eat, shop, eat, shop eat,
will be bringing my lappy there to upload and blog if possible too. ;)

It will be a one week break before school starts and we're gonna spend national day there too!


My internship officially ended back on Friday and the nostalgic feeling is starting to kick in..

Great three months there and an absolute good platform to learn and develop, I would say.
A lot of eye-opener events and made new friends who made these past months meaningful and fruitful. :)

Anyway, brought my camera to the office on the last day to capture some last shots!

The office, My level and the side where i am seated at.

My desk for the 3 months.

My buddy whom I have assisted during these whole months. 

Look at what my colleagues, especially Norizan, gave me on my last day of work! (picture on the right)
Am really touched by the effort and sincerity. Here are other lovely colleagues!

Angie :)

Norizan :)

Farewell lunch and desserts!

Had a farewell lunch at Kinki @ custom house (i previously vaguely mentioned about it),
and the place has really good japanese food but its kinda on the higher end side.

Would think the best worth to order would be their set lunch,
which was absolutely yummy.

The restaurant


The view from the restaurant

Spicy Salmon Don and Teriyaki Salmon. Love both!

And these two were the highlights of the lunch,
Snow Crab and Sea Urchin (S$30++ & S$56++ respectively for 5 pieces)

The snow crab was a huge disappointment,
and I didn't think it was at all worth it or nice at all,
tasted even worst than normal crab meat, kinda dry. ;/

For the sea urchin,
it was an absolute delight, the texture was great and it melts in your mouth,
Heard sea urchin aint commonly available, thus explains the price of it.

Another lovely colleague, Yizheng ;)


Have received my two new casual sweet dresses from The Velvet Dolls.

Bustier dress, simple with a simple pumps and you are ready to go!
Look at the intricate back design, you can easily adjust the tightness..
And another perfect casual dress from The Velvet Dolls for the weekend!

You will love the various yummy summer colours available for this dress!

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Ascott Weekends!

Jul. 29th, 2010 | 10:08 am

I'm back with major updates!

My long awaited Taiwan Trip
Am extremely excited for my TAIWAN trip next week 4th August to 10th August, and that is literally a week long.
Forgot when was the last time I was actually out of Singapore for a week or more, usually short trips instead.
I guess the three of us (shawnie, poots & myself) are gonna roam mainly Taipei in this trip and shawnie is replacing the last ticket as poot's sister, Asmine couldn't get away in time.
Gonna eat, shop, eat, shop, eat and it is inevitable that I will be a few kilos heavier by the time I come back. booo,
hope all the walking/shopping helps a bit! :p

Left with just two last days and I am quite sure I will be missing everything and people at the bank,
Been getting used to saying seeing them for 5 days a week, and doing pantry teas and small lil chats in between,
as well as sourcing for the next best food place in raffles place every lunch.
We had a couple of farewells for other interns etc, and thanks to the colleagues,
I had my share of farewell from them which made me feel really blessed and appreciated!

Other Updates
My eye lids are closing as I am typing this entry..
been feeling exceptionally lethargic recently and the late sleeping hours are not making it better.
i have so much more to share here, so they will be up soon.
At the same time, I will take time out to reply the comments from my previous posts, (apologies!).
In the meanwhile, here are some prettay dresses i got to wear to work, with courtesy of Bold Beginnings.

The fuschia colour is a stand out on its own!

i got it at another shade of gorgeous midnight blue, don't miss out their self-manufactured designs.
I like the slightly puffed sleeves which enhance the shoulders.. teehee.

Guess what?!

We girls planned a surprise birthday party for our two dear june babies, poots & linny,
and decided that the ascott looks like a comfortable service apartment for all of us to sleep over.

It is located just a stone throw away from my internship office, and I was literally 7 days in the Central Business District area that week!

The architecture definitely look like an old school British building,
and the entrance looks extremely welcoming..

We checked into the service apartment, and as stated at their site, there will be a kitchen and a room with a dining area,
but we were kinda disappointed when we entered, the room was much smaller than we have expected.

The toilet

the super mini kitchen which was just in front of the door

and the room, totally unlike the description of service apartment :(

We checked in earlier in the afternoon so as to decorate the place and get ready the food,
while the girls are being really hardworking behind, these guys are just enjoying themselves with the teevee..

Joseph and Vincent in the slackers club

Shawn and Jarrold, the DJ of the night

Our drinks and food for the night.

hard liquor for games and booze

plain crackers with cheese cubes specially made by Yalin & Apple 

Caleen's dish of the night, Kimchi fried rice, absolutely delicious!

Kenghao's specialty, Carbonara.
I couldn't find a picture of it, but we were utterly impressed by his cooking skills.
He did the carbonara sauce from scratch and seriously, it tasted even better than restaurants!

Baked potatoes (must try!!!) bought frm Wendys. Love this snack!

Selene baked blueberry crumble!

Other food which was equally yummy

The group is really one of the funniest ones. Prior to leney bringing the birthday girls up,
we told them a white lie that everybody was late (as we purposely set a false late timing for everyone to meet ), and that no one was in the room at all.

So we all hid in the toilet for a jump-out surprise aftermath to surprise them!

Girls preparing..

Waiting patiently...

If you realised, we had a theme, guess what was it?
hahahha, it was CHANEL.

But apparently, caleen said we look as though we are going for a ATAS funeral!!! lol
i thought everyone was really spontaneous and looked really great playing dressup.
Finally, the two dear girls arrived and their first surprise was US,
followed by a birthday dress specially chosen for them on this special day.

theme balloons!

Changed and ready to feast!

Love the way they all looked.

  More peeks of the night..

Caleen and Poots

All fitting into the room..

Weijun was poot's surprise for the night!

Look at what he got for her!!!!


We decided to rope shawn into the picture. spot him



Mini cute lil Asahi, with the courtesy of Jarrold & Yalin.

Balloons to go with the theme

Of course, the june babies get the first challenge!

Both girls get drunk the next very moment, must be the overflow of asahi.

im the judge!

My turn, watch apple's expression carefully in this picture....

and then this. (oh, look at joseph's one too!) Because we had a fastest gulping challenge and I won.
Even i was amazed at how fast i can gulp my drink down. teehee

We had games for an hour or more, and quickly brought out the cake when the girls got sobered up.

The gangster family portrait :p

Spot the difference again.

it was supposed to be a fierce side and a happy side. And i was shocked at vincent's pose when i saw this picture. hahahaha

Looks zai but super gangsterish!!!

And fun shots!! We wanted to play tau pok, but the guys cheated us!

Evil laughter behind..

The next morning was great, we all woke up early to dip in the rooftop pool we heard so much about.


The view from the pool.

Love the group gatherings like this, and weekends are ever fun-filled because of them :)

I have new plans for the blog, and if nothing goes in the way, there will be something new on 1st August!
Check back then and I am really excited for it ;)

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Bon Voyage!

Jul. 21st, 2010 | 07:55 pm

Having worked two months in the bank, am glad to know a bunch of friends, including Felix, the other intern in my department.
I didn't have a chance to really interact with the rest, except for Felix, a humorous german guy whom I see every single work day.

It's kinda sad to know Felix has gone back to Germany (for good) after having his exchange and internship in Singapore,
so I actually had a gathering with the usual lovelies and got him, together with Gloria (another intern whom im closer with!) on a Saturday night to have a chill out session at timbre!

On a side note, Val dear is back from Aussie! Miss her loads!

Let the pictures do the talking...



Maxi is <3 again. Love the prints of this maxi from pearlavish. :)

Felix left for Germany back on Monday, Gloria and i decided to pop over at the airport for a lil surprise.

Had a difficult time because we were afraid he might just check in before we can reach him, 
and i had to tell some white lies to him before he finally caught us just right outside a book store (yeah, the white lie involved him helping me check out the price of a magazine!!).


Chilling at killiney before his flight,

Felix said his sadness increase to 70% after seeing us. hahahhaha

Love the drappy cardigan from pearlavish once again, kinda like the vintage feel.

* * *

And yet another style for my wardrobe, always getting excited wearing new clothes and this is great for work!
Not a big fan of high collar stuff, but this piece looks pretty in classic black. :)


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Not a goodbye

Jul. 19th, 2010 | 01:51 am

My fringe is getting real out of shape.
Wanted to keep it long so that I can try tying up altogether as a pony tail, or can tuck them behind my ears,
but ugh, it gets real heavy and flat so I decided to undergo a self-trim (which I did) over the weekends.
Back to bangs for a while before I go to the stylist to consult for a change.

Oh yeah weeeeeeeee, if you're a BC fan, you're in for a treat!
I managed to get some pictures (those I particularly like!) from Tz (BC's dedicated photographer) before jie's launch on Monday night.

The balmain blazer is back!!!! I got it in black half a year ago, and woohoo, it matches almost all of my outfits if you realised (you can see it in many of my pictures!), and jie brought in two new colours- white and blue one this time!

And the tube jumpsuit is cool beans, the material is real good, in fact, this is one of my favourite materials from those manufactured by BC all along. Oh yes, watch out for the back of this jumpsuit, its a surprise!! Geez

What more can i say? High waisted, high waisted, high waisted. Love the style and material.

Flora is back too! The cutting for the first dress is a big wow!!!
Totally enhancing the bust and waist area.

* * *

Being a year senior together with a niche group due to poly previously before University,
most of the Uni friends are celebrating their 21st this year.

Our dear Minqi is turning 21 on the 21st July,
and the weekends were just perfect for her advance party at Charly T's Food Journey, located just beside The Cathay.

Was feeling kinda lazy to mix and match an outfit, and at the same time, looking for something in the middle dressy.
Hehehe, rach's maxi came just in time and guess what, I got it in ALL COLOURS! :p
Super love the cutting and the material.


It's a nice place, with an absolute accessible location,
but perhaps because there were too many people, I thought the quality of the food was just average.

They have this signature chocolate pecan pie, but i didn't like it at all.
But I like other one - chocolate chip waffle with ice cream, the taste was good, but it was kinda hard :(

More pictures of the night!
Finally a gathering with the pink panthers, my camp group in year one. :)



* * *

Last Friday was the official last day of the summer attachment,
was supposed to end back then too, but extended to complete what i have on hand.

We all had to do a presentation within the last three working days, and at the very last day,
Deborah, HR of the company was very kind to organize a farewell lunch for the whole bunch of us.
It was absolutely a great time knowing these new friends and colleagues, 
the experience far exceeds my expectations and am real glad to have worked in the company.

What's better than a great view, good food, awesome people and a good farewell not?

You wouldn't believe how many summer interns are there!

Take a look below...

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Till the next

Jul. 14th, 2010 | 01:49 am

 Ahhhh... busy week preparing for work presentation on Friday.

Had lunch today with two colleagues at this new Japanese Restaurant called Kinki at Customs House, a stone away from the work place.
I was totally blown away by the splendid view sitting by the window seats and boy, after it appeared in the Sunday Times, lunch crowd there was crazy!
We three took a short stroll along the sea and walked over to The Fullerton Bay Hotel (which was officially opened less than a week ago, on 8 july only) to take a look,
and i am truly amazed, definitely doesn't at all feel like I am in Singapore.

On a side note, i wanna go to Marina Bay Sands!!
Looking at all the pictures just make me wanna go up and take a dip in the pool, tanning at the seemingly comfy tanning beds.

Received my new prettayyy dress from Megagamie,
Coral is definitely one of my favourite summer colours.
Pump it up in the simplest way is more than enough,
the colour and design just stood out on its own.
Oh yes, if you realised, Imma ENORMOUS fan of high-waisted everything,
so hard to choose from the 3 colours Megagamie offers as well and decided to go with Khaki since i have too much black in my wardrobe.

A short post before I head to bed, and here's a sneak on what I am writing next...

Jacuzzing with a beautiful view

Red and Black, as simple as it is.

Cute Little Asahi(s), nuff said.

The dark family.


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Never Enough

Jul. 12th, 2010 | 01:55 am

Goodbye Sunday and it's a new week tomorrow.

Officially three more weeks to the end of internship, but a handful are leaving after this week. :(
Was supposed to leave this coming week as well but I wanna finish the projects that my mentor kindly included me in,
so the work days are extended two more weeks till the end of July.

Good to be busy, and right after that on August 4-10,
I am going TAIWAN for a week of holiday!

Can't wait, can't wait. It is one destination which my friends can't stop going after visiting there once,
must be one helluva great place to visit.
Gonna spend Singapore Birthday there as well.

I find dressing up for work is a kind of motivation because we girls get to enjoy dressing workish,
feel good at the same time,  and get excited wearing new clothes! :p
Of course, casual outfits are never ending because of the everybody-look-forward weekends.

Clothes are just never enough and I just get myself into dilemma every time during BC shoot,
and Rach's shoot is no exception. Rach just launched her collection and woweewooo, I love these!

omgomg, Nude pink blazer that totally shouts I WANT when I first saw it,
purple seems to be my kinda colour recently...

Took this to wear to work!!!!! :DDD
(oh yes, love my highwaisted work pants, don't ask me where I bought it cuz i totally can't remember the shop that I bought it from)
Love the nude shade one especially, all of us love the colour in fact.

What more can i say about the chiffon mini, BCians?

Oh gosh, Maxi maxi maxi, never never never enough for me.

Didn't think olive green will suit me, but surprisingly, i have a liking for the olive green one too.
Knitted top, everybody needs one.

Thank you to rach dearest for always being so generous and kind, in fact, jie and vel too,
I bet you girls know the excitement of getting new clothes,
and the heart twitching when you can't get the piece you set your eyes on.
hahaha, and yay to excitement!! You girls will love the pieces too. :)

Talking about outfits and styles, I shall share a few that I like and get inspiration from!

Love each and every of their styles.

Be back tomorrow to blog about the surprise party we had for our two dear girls.
This time round we had a theme, make a guess...

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Jul. 9th, 2010 | 12:52 am


Had a random meet up with TP seniors, Justin, Alan and Jodin last week finally after at least a year!

Good to see all of them and am glad that they are all doing well ever since graduation, and woohoo, all of them are in F&B industry, and Jodin is a chef at a restaurant at Dempsey but moving to another one at Fort Canning Park. Definitely gonna find some time and get the whole bunch to patronize the restaurant to get a taste of our very own cook!

KPO used to be one of my favourite chill out places, but I think it kinda died down after a while. Apparently, they just changed a chef and have a new menu which sells like Abalone Noodles at SGD$55! Sounds pretty absurd and a bit mismatch to the type of cuisine and place, but oh well, who knows, it might taste real good.. hmmmmm.

Looking real tired on a Friday night. Saturday is still my favourite day always!

Jodin and Alan

Justin and the lips

Hello Chef, we are so going to try your cooking!

It will never be a fun Friday without pooty poots.

Thank goodness for dresses invention, because it definitely save so much time mixing and matching clothes. Sometimes, you just feel so lazy and would just wanna wear something more yet less, and a simple black dress plays it all.

Hehe, of course, thank you to pearlavish for the Friday night out blackie dress!

I love earthy colours and I think they go well with the skin, making you look not too over, in the perfect subtle way of dressing up. This dress is one of Pearlavish highlights too, look at the cute looking cloud pattern at the collar.

im dead beat today.one more day to the weekend for a good rest, and pardon me for the lag of replies in emails and comments,will do so over the weekends, but rest assured, will absolutely get back to all! Have a good Friday folks!


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Finally, the colour, my colour!

Jul. 5th, 2010 | 01:56 am

 Just came back from BC warehouse sales!

It was ultra, ultra sardine-packed but it was definitely worth while because everything was on sale, and there were soooo many designs around! Girls and shopping, but the guys probably won't comprehend how girls and clothes go along, but I would say it's an interest that never dies. :p

The crowd!

Jie and Vel behind the sales. And rach in the pinky flora skirt.

My internship days are left with less than a month, and I am feeling a tad of mixed feelings.

A part of me am not exactly looking forward to back to school due to the fact that I would need to rush all my remaining modules this upcoming semester. And I would need to take an extra one because I took one less during one semester back then. Coupled with another fact that there are quite a few finance mods, I foresee that it will be an extremely hectic semester.

The other part is that I started to feel a lil sad knowing that the internship is ending as there are so many things there that I want to learn, yet to be learned and so many other areas that I can barely get in touch in the next last few weeks. No doubt, the past two months in the company has been really fulfilling, thanks to a great mentor, many mentors in fact and a great tiger boss (a cool title the colleagues came out with). Well, I shall treasure the time left to complete my projects, appreciate them at the same time and learn more things!

Other than work, the culture there is pretty cool, birthdays, team gatherings and events are definitely highlights of work too.

A few random shots that I got from a couple of occasions happening during work.

An event at four seasons with Norizan (left), and at the pantry celebrating lynnette's birthday.

Weee, took this standing at the pantry window glass. Awesomeeeeeeeeeeee.

The team, my buddy Ana is missing...


Like how i always say, these people make me look forward to the weekends once again.

The whole of Saturday was spent outside with the girlfriends and we went to catch Eclipse movie together. Sorry to those twilight fans, but eclipse is kinda boring. Zzzz. Too much talking and there wasn't any particular good story line for this third movie. But I am waiting for the next one though, the last part which supposedly the most exciting part. :D

Grocery shopping <3

Applepie and leney


And before I go into details, look at those pictures above..

I need to give a shout out that,



Remember my previous satisfied experience at Salon Vim?

This time I came out beaming with smiles again.

I know you must be thinking how true can it be that I always love every experience, or every hair service that I did there. But the truth is that, both John (my stylist) and Gary (the boss) are certainly very sincere people who make sure everytime I visit them, I left with a smiling face, looking completely satisfied with the change and ensure that I get what i feel like doing, and doing them right for me. 

Though skills of stylists are important, but I personally feel that how the stylist can relate and know exactly what the customers want is another virtue. For this, kudos to John and Gary, they are no doubt, my faithful stylist and director respectively, who understands just the look I want my hair to be in.

It was absolutely generous of them to change a total hair look for me once again, and if my colleagues didn't mention to me, I haven even realised how frequent I changed my hair look, especially the colour!

This time round, I absolutely love love love the ash brown base that I dyed, together with blond highlights. They are in the perfect shade of brown that I always wanna achieve (my colleagues like the brown too!) and the highlights combination is weeeee! And now I know, the brown I always wanted is called ash brown, just that it has so many different kind of shades, so have to choose the right one to match my highlights so that it won't go too bright or off colour.

 As a matter of fact, I actually trial an error a lot of times trying to get the perfect combination of brown and blonde. Here's an example of a FAILED ONE.

Super yellow yellow, zzzzzzzzzzz.

I hope i don't have the ah lian face!!! If not, i am sure many who saw me back then with this hair must be screaming ah lian in their mind. -.-  

Hehe I shall end off with a last picture of my new colour, and though I got oily hair scalp (hence i don't dare to use colour shampoo as there is supposedly a "coat of oil" to help retain the hair colour longer),am not gonna care and insist myself to use it cuz I wanna this colour to last longer!!!

YAY to Salon Vim and Loreal to provide me with HAIR SLEEPING MASK (omg, technology is super wayyyy advance now) , hair conditioner and Highlighted hair shampoo,I'll absolutely make sure the colour last longer (at least two weeks) than usual. lol. 

 And just as I thought hair colour does only subtle change to the feel of appearance and the first impression of one, I guess I am wrong on this. Poots say there is a big difference after I dyed red the previous time, and when i changed my hair colour to this NEW colour, my colleagues immediately spot on to it the first thing in the morning, and well, being the curious cat, I tend to ask whoever who spotted the change which colour is nicer, Red or this brown?

And ah...^%%#$^$&$%^
About half said the red is nice, and I looked more matured and fairer, fresh as there is more contrast with the skin,
another half said this brown suits me better, and I look younger, tanner, more funky and hip with this colour.

Ahhhhhhhhhh... I am not exactly adventurous so I always stick to the safest colour to dye my hair. Thought that after I dye this colour, I know which suits me better and stick to that one. And NOW, im in a dilemma for my next colour...... maybe, i shall alternate or how about purple next??!?! :p

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Surprise within the surprise

Jun. 27th, 2010 | 09:45 pm

Its a Sunday once again, and it will be a brand new week tomorrow.

Unknowingly, I'm into my 8th week of my internship (time seriously flies) and the past weeks have been nothing but real fruitful. :)
Thankful for the mentors and bosses for making the time there meaningful and there are just so much things to see and learn from.

Weekends passed by at a amazing lightning speed, and I would officially conclude Saturday is my favourite day of the week.
Always is and always will be! :p

We had an awesome Saturday two weeks back.

We had a surprise planned out specially for our dear applepie on her birthday eve, and i was initially racking my brains to think of what to do. Just nice in time, Joseph told me about the surprise hotel stay he booked for apple at Siloso Beach Resort a week in advance, and I told her a white lie that I was going to be away overseas on the very weekend.

So the few of us gathered together in our beach-y wear, got ready the party hats and poppers, and ready to give her a big surprise visit!


We each wore a cute lil party hat and took a popper in hand each, and we arranged a staff to actually knock the room door to act as though its "Room Service" to make it more believing.

I kinda like the below picture whereby we all have our little hats on the head throttling into room, don't we look adorable? :p And I believe our heartwarming surprise really worked, look at the below picture.

The above picture is absolutely a priceless one, I haven seen applepie's tears of surprise after knowing her for so long.

You know we all love you, silly girl :)

 Her birthday surprise comes with a gorgeous coral summer dress we specially picked from forever 21.


And the famous birthday spectacles that she loves!



The next part of the surprise was a reservation at the Wavehouse @ Sentosa. Heard so much about it, and it seems like the next ongoing place besides cafe del mar (its just beside cafe del mar, btw)!

<3 this artistic shot by shawn hahaha.


We had a long table full of food to share, and oh yes, I love the food there!

They have the roasted duck pizza, which was definitely comparable to Timbre's roasted duck pizza. And guess what? The staff mentioned that every Wednesday is a one-for-one, so you can check it out there on Wednesdays for good food at fab prices! :D



The berry-misu and chocolate lava cake were to-die-for!!


Last but not least, a swiss bake chocolate fudge cake for the birthday girl!


One of the best parts is that we have bugee to send us right to the car park in the wee hours,super shiok and great additional service :p 


Father's day was a simple affair and I actually reserved the super talked-about japanese buffet at Ikoi @ Hotel Miramar. It was my second time there, and I actually had to make a booking a few weeks in advance for the whole family!


Mommy and me,I think we look really alike here.

Love the flowy navy blue top from challures that goes well with my favourite pair of topshop jeans! Amazingly the top is good for buffets yet enhancing your bust and waist at the same time, teehee. :p

At the restaurant with sister and my funny pop.

And it was so great to see Alvin once again, who is working as a chef and assistant at the restaurant, but showed uber great hospitaiity the past two times at Ikoi.

To end of the post, here's another lovely dusty pink dress from Challures as well, comfy and in the loveliest shade of pink, bet you girls will like it too!


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